Thread Lift

A thread lift is essentially a slightly invasive cosmetic treatment which lifts flabby skin on the face and neck by using surgical suture of threads. Thread lift offers modest and delicate changes rather than just vivid outcomes and also supports people having a much healthier looking face. The greatest advantage of thread lift is the reduction of visible scars and short time one can resume the daily life schedule.

Benefits of Thread Lift

· Comprises of minimal uneasiness, no scarring, no general anaesthesia is essential, and a swift recovery.
· The thread lift is a little and slightly invasive face process.
· The facial skin looks tighter, younger and toned instantly after the procedure. It takes years off an individual’s age by getting free from the wrinkles, wounds, sags and facial fine lines.
· Unlike a facelift, which repairs the comprehensive appearance of the face, a thread lift can be used only for refining the look of certain parts of the face.

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