Skin Rejuvenation (Tan Removal)

The premier skin care in Austin for broken blood vessels and brown spots, the hallmarks of sun damage,  is the photofacial.  The broad-band light (BBL) handpiece is gently pulsed over the skin with little discomfort, causing immediate improvement in the red spots and darkening of the brown spots.  The pigment is then slowly shedded from the skin over the next 5-7 days, leaving the brown spots much lighter and the skin refreshed and brighter.

Most patients require at least 3 treatments, one per month, to achieve the best results.  There is redness and slight swelling the day of the procedure only.  The BBL handpiece can be used to treat sun damage anywhere on the body.  It is also the treatment of choice for the flushing and redness associated with rosacea.

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