COVERMARK is one of the leading brands in Europe & the Middle East. These are highly researched products of O’Leary, New York, USA and have been brought to the Indian Market from their manufacturing unit in Italy. Covermark is the world leader in “Sunscreen” “Fairness Products” Anti-Aging” & “Problem Solutions to various ailments” with proven results.

Key Features:

  • Formulated with exclusive natural filters.
  • Maintains very high SPF values for : 06 – 08 hrs
  • Enriched with Vitamin C & Acocadin.
  • Hypoallergenic
  • The ideal sea & city sunscreens
  • 100% Water Proof.
  • Provides extra long high protection from UVA/UVB/IR sunrays.
  • Proven protection for atleast : 06 – 08 hrs
  • Prevents : Premature aging, regenerate & hydrates skin.



UVB radiation is the main cause of sunburns, dermatological disorders & a variety of skin cancers.


UVB radiation is responsible for skin cancer, photo aging, premature aging, loss of skin elasticity & wrinkling.


Infrared radiation or “thermal radiation”, penetrates the skin much deeper that UVA & UVB and worsens their damaging effects.


It has total facial sun protection, using only natural sun filters.

These natural filters are extremely safe and photostable.

– These natural filters reflect radiation instead of absorbing them.

Block UVA, UVB & InfraRed  Radiation (90% of sun blocks available in the market work either on UVA or UVB or maybe both, very few sun blocks available in India which are able to block UVA, UVB & IR as well)

Enriched with Vitamin C & Acocadin ( which prevents premature aging, regenerates & rehydrates our skin)

It provides extra long high protection from UVA/UVB/IR sunrays, which lasts for at least 6-8 hours after each application.

– Extremely suitable for all skin prototype’s (from very fair to dark complexion)

– Clinically tested & proven to be Hypoallergenic & 100% Waterproof.