Nose Shape Correction

Q: Which technologies are implemented and executed behind the Nose Shape Correction treatment?

Advancements in anesthesia, post-operative care, wound management, implants, antibiotics, suturing material and surgical techniques etc. has made cosmetic surgery a quick, safe, predictable, economical and intelligent option to stay beautiful and look young. The Nose Shape Correction treatment aims to correct the size, shape and look of the nose simply for aesthetic and medical purposes. It is safe, effective and time-tested formula when it comes to nose-reshaping.

Q: What age limit is advisable for undertaking Nose Shape Correction treatment?

There is no upper age bound for reshaping the nose through advanced treatment. Moreover, for the finest aesthetic outcomes, one should have good skin flexibility.

Q: What is the cost of the Nose Shape Correction treatment offered Kiran Dermasurge?

A lot of myths and misconceptions about the cosmetic surgery persist even among the very aware and well-informed. The most common one is that these treatments are only for the rich. The times have changed and the cosmetic surgery doesn’t cost you a bomb anymore. So, if you are carrying this baggage anywhere in the back of your mind, shed it here and now! At Kiran Dermasurge, our goal is to help realize your dream of looking beautiful.

Q: What are the advantages involved in the treatment?

1) Attractive: At times, particularly the not so good appearance of the nose on the face is counted as a distracting feature. So, this treatment helps one to look attractive and beautiful.

2) Enhance airflow: As accidents because of various reasons can lead to the deviation of the nasal septum, this treatment helps give a proper nasal airflow.

3) Confidence: The treatment helps develop self-esteem and confidence by making the feature of your nose perfect!

Q: What are the general precautions and medical word of advice in regard to the treatment undertaken?

Avoid any treatment that leads to the thinning of blood for at least 2 weeks before this treatment and does not resume them until your doctor asks you to. As high vitamin E leads to bleeding, avoid herbal remedies or multivitamins that have high levels of vitamin E. Avoid Smoking. Apart from these, there are many other precautions which vary from person to person

Q: What is the USP of Nose reshaping treatment?

The size, shape, and length of the nose can be transformed by a nose reshaping operation. The scars are commonly inside and thus, not noticeable. If the nasals are to be reduced, there will be a slight marking which is well concealed in the nostril crumple.

The minor part of the nose is prepared of cartilage and if your nose tip requires being reduced, a portion of this cartilage will be detached without noticeable scarring.

Q: What is the success ratio of these treatments?

The outcomes of the treatment are positive. Most of the people got the result as per their wishes. Moreover, the result of the treatment depends on patient to patient. The treatment is less time-consuming in terms of recovery and is an ongoing process.

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