At Kiran Dermasurge, Mesotherapy is done with the latest technique and advanced treatments.  In this therapy, vitamins and peptides are introduced into the scalp with the support of tiny injections, electroporation and derma rollers. To fight female hair loss, hair regrowth is stimulated by these agents. In order to fight hair loss problem successfully and encourage the growth of the hair considerably, Mesotherapy can be a brilliant treatment.

Benefits of Mesotherapy

· Rich nutrients are injected directly into the scalp.
· The nutrients which are injected to the scalp are proven by experts and are     tissue-friendly.
· As a non-invasive procedure, the treatment involves very less pain & offer       lasting results.
· There is no prominent downtime; one can get back to regular timetable            instantly.
· Vanish part time as well as complete baldness by opting this procedure.

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