Q: Which technologies are implemented and executed behind Lip/Breast/Buttock Augmentation treatment?

The treatment can be done in both ways surgically and non-surgically but a patient going for the surgical procedure takes the time to recover. Non-surgical procedure is quick and has no down time. In the non-surgical procedure, the injectable dermal fillers are injected on the lips and the area around the mouth. The fillers contain hyaluronic acid, a natural element, and collagen that increases the volume of the Lip/Breast/Buttock. These fillers are also called as ‘hyaluronic acid fillers’. These fillers offer control over the lip volume, lets you decide the pace of the treatment and offer lasting results!

Q: What age limit is advisable for undertaking Lip/Breast/Buttock Augmentation treatment?

This treatment is suitable only after 18 years of age but some people are going for this treatment at a young age, however, we would suggest you consult a doctor before going for this treatment.

Q: What is the cost of Lip/Breast/Buttock Augmentation treatment offered by you?

It depends on the body of the person and how much enhancement one wants. Basically, it varies from person to person, after proper examination of the body, the doctor will tell you the proper cost.

Q: What are the advantages involved in the treatment?

Newer, safe option
Effects last longer
Improved appearance of the Lip/Breast/Buttock in terms of shape, structure, and volume
Long lasting results
No allergic reactions/side-effects
Little or no downtime

Q: What are the general precautions and medical word of advice in regard to the treatment undertaken?

You will feel uneasy after the treatment but eventually, you will be fine.
Follow the recommended after-care list by the doctors.
Don’t stress the area which has undergone the treatment.

Q: What is the USP of Lip/Breast/Buttock Augmentation treatment?

Kiran Dermasurge is a renowned name engaged in providing high-quality aesthetic services that are at par with the international standards. Lip/Breast/Buttock Augmentation is an advanced procedure to produce fuller, luscious and Plumper Lip/Breast/Buttock. With age, our skin loses collagen & hyaluronic acid that offer firmness to the skin. This leads to thinner, unshapely Lip/Breast/Buttock which might not look appealing.

Q: What is the success ratio of these treatments?

This surgery is very much in demand not only amongst the general people but also among the celebrities.

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