Hair Transplant through FUE Method

Kiran Dermasurge FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) is a result proven, minimally invasive, outpatient process in which follicular unit implants, comprising of a slight number of hair follicles, are separately removed from the naturally stronger areas of the scalp (the ‘donor’ parts) and creatively restored to the weakening areas (the ‘recipient’ parts).
Skillful physicians at Kiran Dermasurge use the FUE natural graft placement procedure to reinvent the hairline and growth pattern for an everlasting, natural-looking outcome.

There are several methods for hair transplant:-

Robotic Hair Transplant

This process is open to any gender and has absolutely transformed the hair transplant process because robotic hair transplants are minimally-invasive whereas at the same time providing mathematical correctness and accuracy to confirm reliable results. The method involves of taking follicle assemblages from healthy portions of the scalp and then applying them in areas that are undergoing hair loss. And, latest technology in digital imaging has permitted Kiran Dermasurge to regulate with mathematical exactness in the density and circulation of the follicular units in order to make the procedure as effective as possible.

Benefits of Robotic Hair Transplant

· Follicle unit increases through this treatment.
· Approach is less invasive.
· No staples or stitches used.
· The procedure can be personalized as per the specific individual based on diverse punch sizes.

Hair Transplant through Strip Method

Through this treatment, baldness and hair loss problem is treated. This is the most prevalent form of surgical hair restoration. In this treatment, strip of skin from patient’s head is taken out to harvest hair for transplantation goals. Moreover, this method is to get maximum number of follicular units in the affected areas in one day. This method is surgical and gives quick results which are lasting.

Benefits of Hair Transplant through Strip Method

· Follicular units play main role in the hair growth, this treatment helps to         increase follicular growth which leads to healthy and heavy hair.
· Deliver quick and lasting results.
· Reduce baldness and increase hair growth.

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