EyeLid Surgery

Q: Which technologies are implemented and executed behind the Eyelid Surgery treatment?

Cosmetic eyelid surgery improves the appearance by eliminating the excess skin, muscle or fat deposited under the upper or lower eyelid. As part of the aging process, the eyelids may become droopy, the skin stretches and the muscles become weak, this drastically affects your personality. During the cosmetic eyelid surgery, the skin around the eye is numbed with a local anesthesia. Small incisions are made in the crease of the upper eyelid and beneath the lashes. The surgeon will make a note of the excess skin and fat around the area that needs to be removed. This is done using scalpels, surgical scissors or radio frequency devices. The area is then sealed using tissue adhesives.

Q: What age limit is advisable for undertaking Eyelid Surgery treatment?

The people who have good health and realistic expectations can go for this treatment. And in the matter of the age, mostly 35 years or older than 35 years go for this surgery but if the saggy or baggy skin runs in anyone’s family then you should go for this treatment sooner.

Q: What is the cost of the Eyelid Surgery treatment offered by you?

The cost of this surgery is not much as compared to its benefits. The treatments for eyes can be a bit expensive but it’s all about the quality one should go for.

Q: What are the advantages involved in the treatment?

The advantages are as follows-

  • Removes the unwanted fat from the eyelid.
  • Makes one look young by removing the fat from the eyes.
  • A good diet is suggested by the physician before the treatment. It not only gives positive outcomes to the eyelid surgery but the overall body.

Q: What are the general precautions and medical word of advice in regard to the treatment undertaken?

It is advised that the person should plan to stay at home and reduce his/her activities for some days. Various patients have dry eyes after this surgery, but that hardly lasts for two weeks. But if one still suffers from dry eyes for more than two weeks, contact your physician.

Q: What is the USP of the Eyelid Surgery treatment?

Kiran Dermasurge specializes in providing eyelid surgery or Blepharoplasty under the supervision of highly qualified and experienced doctors and surgeons. Most often, people struggle with the issue of the droopy eyelid that not only obstruct the field of view but restricts your vision and gives you a much older appearance; eyelid surgery is an ideal solution to counteract these issues.

Q: What is the success ratio of these treatments?

Every year, many people undergo this treatment and they are experiencing positive results with the treatment.

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