Hair loss usually does not harm your health in a drastic way but it definitely affects your personality a lot. It gradually decreases your confidence and self-esteem. Right from performing important functions like protecting your scalp and controlling the temperature, your hair is much more valuable. For most of the people, hair is a style quotient. Therefore, continuous hair fall, breakage, dull hair is a sign of damaged hair. Kiran Dermasurge has a wide variety of solutions for your scalp and hair loss. However, before zeroing on the procedure it is important to understand the main cause of hair loss.

What are the root causes of hair loss?

The medical term used for hair loss is Alopecia which has distinct types and causes. Both men and women may face the problem of hair loss from thinning of hair to complete bareness.

Few examples of general hair loss disorders are:

  • Alopecia Areata: A condition in which the hair follicles are damaged by the immune cells of the body.
  • Androgenetic Alopecia: Baldness occurs in a pattern in males and females due to heredity or hormonal factors.
  • Telogen Effluvium: A condition of extreme hair fall caused right after the body has gone through a stressful time.
  • Chemical Hair Damage: Too much use of the harsh chemical can dry up the hair and can even break into pieces.
  • Traction Alopecia: Pulling of the hair too tightly.

What are the treatments for hair loss?

The first step for hair loss treatment is recognizing the main cause. Hair loss is not a temporary issue; it can be treated medically at any age or stage at Kiran Dermasurge. Being one of the best skin clinics in Delhi NCR, we offer a new variety of technologies for both men and women to overcome hair loss quickly. Surgery, medications, laser treatment, and PRP therapy etc. are the types of treatments provided by the clinic.  

  • Surgery: Hair transplant is one the best technique for those who want hair growth fast & quicker. In this process, a plot of hair is taken from the back portion of your scalp which is further implanted in the bald area. This process undoubtedly requires expert hands at one of the best dermatological clinics, Kiran Dermasurge.
  • Medication: If you opt for medication, it is very essential to have a prescription from a dermatologist which is usually given to cure inflammation. Minoxidil and Finasteride¬†are the common drugs that help in hair re growth and stops hair loss. These drugs may have side-effects like irritation in the scalp or more risk of prostate cancer. That is why you should always consult the best trichologist before going for medication.
  • Other than surgery and medication, there are various other treatments for hair loss such as Mesohair, Laser Comb, PRP, Strip Method, FUE Method, Robotic Hair Transplant etc.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of these treatments?

As there are several numbers of treatments, every treatment has its own positive and negative impact. The advantages are as follows:

  • Controls hair loss
  • Tightens hair follicles
  • Enhance your hair growth
  • Decreases baldness
  • Easiest and fastest method to re-grow hair

Although, these treatments do not have major side-effects but there are some disadvantages too which are listed below:

  • Light redness
  • Itching

A trichologist is hair and scalp expert who will guide and treat hair related problems. It is always best to consult an expert trichologist in order to get proper treatment and solutions for your hair. At Kiran Dermasurge, you will get high-quality facilities and expert trichologists who will provide you customized treatment. At Kiran Dermasurge, one of the top dermatological clinics in Delhi NCR, you will be offered the best technologies and treatment for your hair loss.