Chemical Peeling

A harmless and non-toxic chemical solution is applied to the skin that softly refines or reemerges the skin, eliminating the damaged top coatings. A skin peel encourages new cell advance and collagen production to efficiently expose youthful looking skin. Chemical peels are the simplest and utmost active treatments for accomplishing that healthy glow, and are one of the first-born cosmetic techniques performed in all over the world. This treatment not only provides smooth and clear skin, but also helps decrease the presence of wrinkles and fine-lines.

Benefits of Chemical Peeling  

· A chemical peel can enter deep enough to eliminate the coating of duskier skin to even out the skin tone.
· Chemical peels eliminate the coating of skin that may be affected by sun burn to leave behind a refresh and charming layer of the skin.
· Prevailing chemical peels made with phenol acid are used to cure deep wrinkles, and can turn the skin brighter as a side effect.
· Revealing a fresh layer of skin means have a smooth and young-looking appearance and enhanced skin quality.

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