Wanting to look beautiful is everyone’s secret desire. It impacts a person’s self image and at times self esteem. Enhanced appearances do enhance confidence levels in relationships and at work. It’s not just how you come across to people but also how people respond to you that changes with appearances. Make-up can make a superficial, limited and temporary effect whereas cosmetic surgery can give lasting results not achievable by any other method.

Advances in anesthesia, post-op care, wound management, implants, antibiotics, suturing material and surgical techniques etc.

Has made cosmetic surgery a quick, safe, predictable, economical and intelligent option for becoming and staying beautiful and looking younger. It is one of the most rapidly expanding among medical specialties in the world with millions of satisfied patients and astoundingly low complication rates.

A lot of myths and misconceptions about cosmetic surgery persist even among the very aware and well informed. The most common one that this is about vanity and is meant for the rich. It’s not. If looking better day after day will make you happier and more confident then you deserve to be happier and more self assured. Moreover, times have changed, cosmetic surgery doesn’t cost you a bomb anymore. So if you are carrying this baggage anywhere in the back of your mind, shed it here and now. At Kiran Dermatology our goal is to help realize your dream of looking beautiful. Our endeavor is to provide ethical and scientific treatment at affordable cost.

Our Surgical team of experts Dr AS Bath and Dr DJS Tulla are well trained cosmetic surgeons of repute and have a considerable amount of experience behind them. Together they form a perfect blend of exuberance of youth and experience. The cohesive team has been performing both surgical and nonsurgical procedures with great success and have deeply satisfied patients. The team is abreast with the latest and best cosmetic techniques (Ex. Brazilian butt formation, stem cell therapy for hair fall, stem cell and fat cell transplant for breast, cheek and lip enhancement etc.). The team thrives for perfection and leaves no stone unturned to achieve it. Our aesthetic medicine expert Dr R Mann is a master scholar with a wealth of experience in her specialty. She is well read and has traveled all across the globe learning the nuances of the trade. Her areas of special expertise include non invasive skin rejuvenations, anti ageing treatments, hair and skin mesotherapy and stem cell therapies. Comprehensive treatments are offered by our experts who gel well and make a great team to provide great results.

We at Kiran Dermatology provide a comprehensive range of cosmetic procedures with each procedure tailored to suit the needs of the individual. At the time of initial consultation a thorough and frank discussion is done. All queries are dealt with in detail and complete comprehensive information about the procedures is given. Results promised will be delivered in totality to the entire satisfaction without any preconditions.