Birth Mark Removal

Q: Which technologies are implemented and executed behind the Birth Mark Removal treatment?

Although most birthmarks are effectively treated with class IV medical lasers, it is difficult to predict the number of laser treatments that are required for birthmark removal. Although many birthmarks may resolve completely, it is impossible to predict which ones and with how many laser treatments. Most birthmark removal patients see good progress after three (3) aggressive laser treatments.

Q: What age limit is advisable for undertaking the Birth Mark Removal treatment?

After the age of 17 years or under the consultation of the doctor, one can get this treatment in Delhi or Delhi NCR.

Q: What is the cost of the Birth Mark Removal treatment offered by you?

The cost of the treatment at Kiran Dermasurge, the best dermatology clinic in Delhi is very affordable. The doctor examines the birthmark properly and gives the best cost of the safest treatment.

Q: What are the advantages involved in the treatment?

Most of the time, the treatment do not involve invasive technique.
30 minutes per session.
Deliver noticeable results in just a few sessions, no matter how old the scar is.
Reduce the birthmark appearance.

Q: What are the general precautions and medical word of advice in regard to the treatment undertaken?

Do not avoid the doctor’s recommendation of aftercare.
Take a break from few daily activities suggested by the doctor.
Go for proper check-ups after the surgery.
You may feel uncomfortable after the surgery for days but don’t panic much.
Don’t stress the treated area.

Q: What is the USP of Birth Mark Removal treatment?

Basically, the birthmarks are different in size and color, the treatment helps to reduce it and develop your appearance in a positive way.

Q: What is the success ratio of these treatments?

Many people get positive results through this treatment and are very happy with their enhanced look with a reduced appearance of the marks.

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