Acne Treatment

Q: Which technologies are implemented and executed behind acne scar treatment in Delhi?

These are usually depressed scars and can present as:

  • Ice pick or V-shaped scars which are narrow and deep scars.
  • Rolling or M-shaped scars, they are shallow, superficial and have an undulating appearance.
  • Box scars maybe shallow or deep, with vertical edges and are well defined.
  • Small scars close to the hair follicles are known as perifollicular elastolysis are also present

Q: What age limit is advisable for undertaking acne scar treatment?

Get proper acne scar medical treatment and still if nothing works then only go for this treatment if you are not above 18. It’s better to take a proper consultancy from the experts, as they will suggest you the best.

Q: What is the cost of acne scar treatment offered by you?

It depends how much acne scar you are having and the reason behind the acne is also considered. So the cost only your physician can tell you but one can afford this treatment.

Q: What are the advantages involved in the treatment?

  • Boost confidence.
  • Enhance looks.
  • Remove unwanted scar.
  • Makes one stress free.

Q: What are the general precautions and medical word of advice in regard to the treatment undertaken?

  • Follow your doctor aftercare tips.
  • Keep your physician updated.
  • Use creams and lotions suggested by the doctor.
  • Avoid sun after the treatment for few days.

Q: What is the USP of acne scar treatment?

Scars are usually disfiguring and lead to low self-esteem. This treatment helps to reduce the scar appearance from the skin which helps to enhance looks and confidence.

Q: What is the success ratio of these treatments?

This treatment serves positivity in terms of self-esteem and people have experienced positive results through the treatment.

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